The TUB – Episode 3 – Will McGill

Episode 3 is here! We talk about the NJASA Spring Conference, go over some fan mail, and talk to NJ educator & author Brian Costello about the adventures of Will McGill.

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Episode 3

The TUB podcast – epsiode 2 is here!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 20.48.49.pngI know, it’s about 1.5 months overdue.  I can blame kids, technology, or life.  I’ll go with all three. Episode 2 features the awesomeness of Dr. Brad Gustafson and Renegade Leadership.  Learn about everything from principal baseball trading cards to AR basics. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!

The Educators Lead Podcast is amazing!

I was recently featured on the Educators Lead podcast talking about how I worked my way up to become a Superintendent here in New Jersey. I always find it a little odd to listen to yourself, and I say the sound “uhhh” way too much, but overall, it was a great conversation with Jay Willis.

Check it out!

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EdCampSTEAM on Classroom Close-up NJ

EdCampSTEAM on Classroom Close-up NJ

Still don’t know what EdCamp and the un-confernece is all about?  Check out this great piece produced by the award winning series Classroom Closeup on NJTV.  Hopefully these five minutes can open some eyes. Growing. Learning.  Changing the Education Game. Meaningful, positive, productive professional development.  ONWARD!  -JE