Last week, The American Association of School Administrators held its’ annual national conference in New Orleans. Superintendents from all 50 states were in attendance, and yes, the good times did roll.

I have been to New Orleans over a dozen times, but this time was much different.  This was a gathering like I have never seen before.  There are conferences, and there are gathering of the movers and shakers.  This was the latter of the two.

There were Superintendents of Districts of 300 students; others oversee over 30,000. There were vendors, there were elected officials, and yes, there were many from my home state from New Jersey.  62 to be exact. 62 Superintendents all conveying in a national stage to be a part of the big picture, not be on the outside looking into it.

There were workshops, there were meetings, and there were open forums.  Conversations were intense; workshops were powerful.

Some of the best learning occurred in the conversations in the halls and on the floor. Running into colleagues is great, but nothing is better than getting the support, respect, and high-fives.

It’s a right-of-passage in this position to go through the fire to earn your stripes.  I earned mine over the past few months and got the credit for such from my peers.  Nothing beats that, and that;s something you can’t ever take away from a Superintendent.  I officially got my ‘street cred’!

I highly recommend that all Superintendents attend NCE in the future; Nashville is next year. I hope to see you there.


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