The Wheaties Box

Recently, when I was catching up with former classmate Nick Ferroni (Union High School c/o 1997), he tweeted the following:

This had me thinking all day.  Have we ever put teachers on Wheaties?   I started poking around online and came across numerous news articles and reports on the history of the Wheaties box.  It’s pretty neat to review some of the greats who have appeared.

  •  Bruce Jenner – the Olympic decathlon winner
  • Muhammad Ali – one of the greatest boxers in the world
  • Mary Lou Retton – a gymnast who obtained a perfect 10 in the Olympics
  • Michael Jordan – a basketball player who is one of the best since the inception of basketball itself.

While it’s honorable that we acknowledge scads of sports celebrities, why don’t we do the same for those who impact lives of all ages?  Why not go the extra mile to honor those who helped get these athletes to where they are/were today?   Why not put other heroes besides athletes on the Wheaties box?

Apparently I’m not the only one asking.  While there have been many petitions to get folks on the box–some even on the petition website–we have not seen any non-athletes as of late.

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day this week, I hope that everyone, both in and out of the education arena, understands that this is how we should be honoring our educators, not just on Tuesday, but every day.  I hope to Photoshop every teacher on a Wheaties box by the end of the school year.  That’s how much I think of them.  That’s how you should honor your teachers, too.

When you think of Wheaties and educators, you should be thinking of champions.

image credit: Nicholas Ferroni

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