Instructional Coaches Make a Huge Impact

Lee has become one of my favorites to read. Fantastic stuff; check it out!

The Golden Age of Education

Instructional coaches do AWESOME things. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1.  Provide job-embedded professional development.
  2.  Model and demonstrate highly-effective best practices.
  3. Off non-evaluative, objective feedback on a regular basis.
  4. Create an environment where student needs drive professional development.
  5. Offer guidance and feedback at the exact time teachers need it most – in the classroom.My Instructional Coaches Quote
  6. Inspire teachers to try new learning strategies and tools.
  7. Facilitate the transition from teacher-centered to learner-driven classrooms.
  8. Are site-based teacher leaders who support both students and their teachers.
  9. Collaborate with teachers in order to engage students in innovative ways.
  10. Help to close the digital use divide by ensuring that all students understand how to use technology to create content.


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