A Lesson in Empathy, Tolerance & Respect

So happy to feature one of Waterford’s finest teachers really rocking it on her blog! Check it out!


Inspirational to say the least…

Inviting Chase and his mother into my second grade classroom was an incredible experience! I am grateful to have know this determined little Superhero and I wanted to share his story with my students. Chase’s mom wrote a book called The Blueprint of a Little Superhero. What happened that day was so amazing; it was a lesson in empathy, tolerance, and respect unfolded before there eyes. A lesson they will probably never forget. Chase and his mom walked into the classroom ready to share their story. There is only one word to summarize the experience: Inspirational! Chase passed around his superhero arm and then showed us his running legs! He even answered questions and danced the Whip & Nae Nae with our class!


Empathy, Tolerance & Respect

Is empathy part of your day to day instruction? Does it stand alone or is it a component of your…

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