Game changers

Most readers know that I was a history teacher for nine years.  I loved every second of it. My favorite topic was covering elections, and presidential elections were always very special.  This year is certainly no different, but the twists are more than those found in a mystery novel.

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A few months ago, if you had asked the pundits and the “in-crowd” if Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump would be the focal point of this election, you would have been laughed at. But… here we are.  Two outsiders.  Two mavericks.  Two game changers. Two very different people with very different beliefs, but, nonetheless, two individuals to whom people are drawn.  Why?  They are not from “the establishment.”  They are not career politicians. They are not embedded in a political dynasty.  They are running by their own rules, and they do not care what anyone else says when it comes to how they are doing it.

The same can be said for several superintendents in education today.  More and more, boards of education are sick and tired of getting the same ol’, same ol’. Boards are becoming aggressive and courageous, as they see that they need mavericks and folks willing to go rogue to put students first.

You can argue that there are pitfalls for this type of leader.  Many political commentators are saying that people love the songs Sanders and Trump are singing but aren’t interpreting the lyrics.  Can the same be said about these types of superintendents? Maybe.  I am proud to say that there is indeed a new breed of superintendent (I call it Superintendent 3.0), and with these leaders comes an ingraining of values, pedagogy, and mantra of students first.

Am I a Trump?  No.  Am I a Sanders?  No.  Am I a superintendent who is of a new blood and is doing things the Sinatra way for students?  Yep.


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