Screwing up, and owning up.

This past Monday afternoon, I made a mistake. During the annual drill of calling several superintendents, I confused one district and another. I programmed my phone to represent the opposite districts. The reason it’s a big deal? The one district  had a delayed opening and the other didn’t. The district who I send students to was actually opening on time and not delaying. I ended up sending out notice on social media that there was a delayed opening, when there didn’t have to be one.

20 minutes later, I’m sending out a message to entire community, “just kidding”.

I never felt like such a fool. Sure, it was a simple mistake, but I can almost be certain that it was because I just entered it in haste.

Haste leads to mistakes on my part all of the time. I rushed to get the news out, and I end up typing the wrong date, wrong year, and of course, the obligatory typo.

Why can’t I proofread my own stuff? Why do I always make mistakes on silly things? Why can’t I take my own advice on pausing before posting? Just taking 5 minutes would catch most of these issues. 

Back to the title,  I screwed up, and I’m sorry for that. Taking a few extra seconds to have programmed my phone properly I wouldn’t have sent out a message to thousands saying school would have been delayed. 

Any tips on how I could make myself proofread would be great.

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