Community – a staple of the holiday season.


While msot of us inedcation come across some type of holiday drive, I haven’t seen one like where I am currently the Superintendent of Schools.

The drive every year is headed by a teacher and school nurse in one of the elementary schools. The team starts by gathering a list of those that are in need.  The list is determined by those on the free/reduced lunch program but also on referrals from teachers and other staff members.

The team then reaches out to the community through local houses of worship.  Giving trees are set up at houses of worship along with our schools.

On the day of the dealine,  all gifts are collected and dropped off in one of the school gym to sort.  The systems is so lock-step that letters on presents correspond to names of those in need.  I arrived to hte school on Sunday afternoon to six SUV’s and trucks packed to the gills with presents.

By Monday, all presents were bagged, tagged, and ready to be issued.  Families can come in at any time to get them.  Some have asked to recieve food donations as well.  They have that covered too.

It’s very rewarding to look at a sea presents purchased for those in need. Community coming together to support each other during the holidays; what a thought. I wish this calliber of empathy existed everywhere.

Wishing everyone a very happy, helathy holiday.



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