Expose: it’s not a dirty word.

I’m getting tired of hearing about so and so was exposed or how this school was exposed for whatever.  Why does the word ‘expose’ have such a negative connotation?

When I was a teacher, my job was to expose; my job was to expose every learner to everything they can get their hands on.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Both sides of the story, always, and let my learners formulate an opinion or response.

As a building administrator, it was the same thing, only for my teachers.  Expose teachers to all the great and no so great in education; expose them to new methodologies and pedagogy while also showing them (in my opinion) things to avoid.

As A Superintendent of Schools, I expose it all.  My biggest mission: to expose the community, and the world, all of the amazing things we are doing in our schools. I’m exposing the outside world to pictures, videos, prompts, and stories.  I’m telling our story, and loving every second of it. I’m exposing a group of people that want in, in. I’m exposing people to dialogue, engagement, and positivity.

So the next time you read or hear the word “expose” – don’t be alarmed.  It’s our job as educational leaders to expose. So, yes, I’ll be exposing you and your awesomeness if we ever work together. If my students or staff are ever mistreated or are getting unwarranted exposure, I’ll be exposing that source as well. While it can be both positive and negative, it surely does not have to be.

…and IF you are concerned about being exposed for who you are or what you’re  doing (or not doing), what do you have to hide? 


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