Bammy TopJay Eitner

So this came in email over the weekend. I was humbled. I was shocked. I was second guessing myself. But then it hit me – I was proud.

This is nothing to do with me; this is to do with education. Educators have long been taught to be humble and express thanks. While I’m always thankful, I think if everyone in every other line of work gets to show off, we should too.

I’m a huge show off. I show off my districts I work in like no other. Why? That’s part of my job. You make your job – you don’t let the job define you. I choose to be a cheerleader. Yes, for real, I choose to be a cheerleader. Why every school official isn’t somewhat baffles me. Every one of my colleagues should be spreading the good news and tell the world why our schools, filled with our future, is awesome.  From news helicopter flyovers, to national trips to The White House, I’m happy o share all of that good stuff with everyone.

If something cool happens to me in the process like the picture above, great. But when that gives opportunities to my staff and students?! Boom! 

In the age of everyone getting trophies, awards, and certificates, it’s silly for educators to be stepping aside. Tell the world how awesome your district is; pound your chest. Or just let the bad stuff about your district keep getting blasted on the public. 

But hey, I’m just a superintendent, what do I know?

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