Yea, I’m happy.

Throughout New Jersey, school districts strive on a daily basis to build positive school climates that promote academic achievement while preventing negative behaviors, such as violence, and harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB). During the month of October, school districts have the opportunity to highlight and build upon these efforts by engaging students in age-appropriate instruction during both the Week of Respect and School Violence Awareness Week. Week of Respect – The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (P.L.2010, c.122) requires that the week beginning with the first Monday in October of each year (October 5-9 in 2015) be designated as the Week of Respect in New Jersey. To recognize the importance of character education, school districts, charter schools, and Renaissance school projects are required to observe the week by providing age-appropriate instruction focusing on preventing HIB. Approved private schools for students with disabilities are encouraged, but not required, to observe this week. Most do, as this is a great way to show off your students, staff, and schools.

All Waterford Schools shined this week in ways that haven’t been seen in this community.  It’s a wonderful thing… and it’s crucial to school branding and telling our story.

The video above shows our littlest and peppiest learners.  This was just the beginning.

There were assemblies.  There were kindness chains designed to keep everyone full circle when it comes to getting and giving respect.  There were contests, positive post-it notes, and a fly-over from the ABC news helicopter:

You can see all of the photos from this week via our District FaceBook page.

I can’t stop smiling after this week.  This district is proud, energized, and yes, happy.

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