Stakeholders: They Matter.

Election season is gearing up for most towns in New Jersey. Besides all of the promises, stances, and handshakes, there comes the line that “you matter”. Not gonna lie here – you DO!  Your input counts a lot more than you think.

Where does your input count most? When they hire us, the Superintendents. Essentially, we are a reflection of the Board. The majority of folks on the board choose the Superintendent based on our beliefs, what we’ve done, and what we plan to do.  Since you elect the board members, and that’s a reflection of your input, you are putting a whole lot of trust in whom they pick to lead the district.

When interviews roll around for Superintendent positions, there are scads of questions asked in interviews. Some of the best questions come from community surveys. More and more, boards are are posting feedback surveys on website that address a myriad of questions ranging from what background should the Superintedent have to what problems do you foresee in the future. Decent surveys will throw questions up that have locals identify the positives of the community. Districts should also have questions that reflect the mission statement and vision. Hopefully, the district will avoid the personality trait question. The characteristics question is always a “gotcha”, and often elicits bad vibes based on past experiences. It could bring some good stuff out, but chances are it won’t. 

So before you hang up on that election call, remember… You really do matter.

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