A Conversation with Laura Fleming

Laura is a rockstar. See why. Thanks for sharing, Tim!

The IDEAS Wing

I recently had a phone conversation Laura Fleming, award-winning Media Specialist, Author, and MakerSpace expert (among other things). We spoke about many things but one thing in particular stuck out to me; it had to do with buying things and budgets. She said that it wasn’t about the “kinds of things you put into a room like this, it is about the needs of the students and their dreams, passions, and aspirations.”

If I needed to write a letter to all past, present, and future educators, leaders, and community stakeholders, I would just write the last part of the sentence in the body of the letter. Nothing else would be needed. I would even sign it at the bottom:

Yours Truly, 

Common Sense

Laura has been working with a group of K-5 Educators and myself to look at the Maker Mindset and creating your own MakerSpace. Her insights into how…

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