The Ultimate Opportunity

Another weekend has come and gone. These days, my weekends pretty much consist of cleaning, buying diapers and formula, and spending that wonderful quality time with my family. For others, and it was weekend of learning.

A teacher that I hired a few years back was selected to go to a conference.  Unlike EdCamps (which are all choice-driven and lead from the bottom up), traditional educational conferences are still very much in play and have much to offer.  This conference was unique, in that it specifically targeted educators from around the region, and rotated around the fine practices of teaching and learning,

I asked the teacher how it was going, and the teacher surprised me.  The teacher flat out said, “I can’t do this, any of this. You know where I work.  You know whom I’m dealing with.  I just can’t do this.”


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You could not be more incorrect if you had tried!  That’s THE REASON I hired you!  I knew that you were THE BEST and still are.  I know that you have a wealth of information in that brain and won’t stop until you get it done. I know you’re a change agent, and you are so much different than what is there now, and I mean that in a good way.

You were selected to go to that conference for a reason.  You accepted and dedicated your weekend to teaching and learning.  You weren’t asking for a handout, a comp day, or anything else.  You WANTED to go because you WANTED to improve your learning. You WANT to do more for students.

So, look at this as the ultimate opportunity.  Take a chance! You don’t need to try 45928374983749 new things you learned at a conference.  Pick one and try it out.  If it works, GREAT!  If not, you try something else.

I hope everyone out there reading this always seeks an opportunity that helps your learners.  Don’t be bogged down by the haters, the useless, the tit-for-tats, and especially those who say you can’t.  Prove them wrong, and prove it often.  It might even inspire them to seek the ultimate opportunity.

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