My TeachMeet2015 Resources

What is a TeachMeet?

  1. TeachMeet is an unconference. Tech unconferences are fast moving, tech sharing, friend making, never boring gatherings of people sharing web 2.0 tools for education.
  2. TeachMeets consist of 20 minute tech sessions. This means 2 sessions per hour which helps to keep the day moving.
  3. TeachMeets were started in the United Kingdom and brought to the US by Jason Bedell, (@jasontbedell). Jason moved to New Jersey and started TeachMeetNJ, but is unable to run it any longer. Kyle Calderwood took over as organizer in 2012.
  4. If you have any tech or web2.0 tool that you use that others might benefit from then consider doing a 20 min session. You do not need to be a guru. Anyone can share!!!
  5. So come and have a great day with others who share your passion for learning, tech, and teaching.

Below are the links that will take you to the presentations used at TeachMeetNJ:

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