The New Guy — and I LOVE IT!

In the past, the first week of August is normally suppose to be a week of relaxation. My first week of August this year? Chaos. Pandaemonium. Nonstop. And I loved every second of it.

I began my second superintendency this week. While it’s always interesting and entertaining to meet-n-greet, tour schools, and get to know the lay of the land, this week was extra special.  The awesomeness that emulated? School construction. Major school construction. In every building. 
Yes, you’re reading this correctly. I’m excited about all of this chaos.  

Why? Simple. All of this construction is the result of years of planning and preparing for our future learners. Construction is a tangible sign of investing in our future. 

Below are some photos of a sample of buildings under construction. We have a lot to go, but we’ve come so far already. Construction includes HVAC systems, AC units, electrical, fire alarms, piping, windows, security, and more. 

 To go full circle, this is my first week, and I was welcomed with smiles, open arms, high fives, and excitement. Nothing is more exciting than coming into a new place and being able to hit the ground running. 

To my new Waterford family, thank you. Thanks for the welcomes, thanks for the tweets, thanks for the coffee, and thanks for your patience during all of this construction. It’s an investment that will only make your children that much better off then they are now.

Enjoy the summer, and check back daily for updates!

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