Anyone But Me

I know the Bammys have been the talk of the town lately, but it’s exciting. Why? So many of my colleagues, friends, and Twitter rock stars get the recognition they deserve.

While I’m still scratching my head over winning the “people’s choice” award, I woke  up to a bunch of tweets congratulating me as a final nominee for the category of Superintendent of the year.  

If you’re a connected educator, can you please take a look at this list? Seriously, read it again. How am I on this list?!?


Joe Sanfelippo is a legend. He took branding and all things positive to a whole new level. He has placed a hashtag on almost everything and everyone from coast to coast knows what #gocrickets means if you have a wireless device. Besides branding, he’s smart, delves into any conversation, and on a personal note, the man brought me cheese from Wisconsin when we were at EdCamp Leader last year (in exchange for a Taylor ham, egg & cheese on a real NJ bagel).  Oh yea, he’s hosting the Bammys with Tony Sinanis this year. Need I say more?  

   Mike Lubefeld is another rockstar I look up to as a Superintendent. Mike and I met virtually a few months ago and we’ve been connecting daily since. Always willing to lend a hand (and give me pizza advice in Chicago), Mike has headed up a number of initiatives, including the monthly #suptchat and is a staple on the Voxer group for Superintendents.  It was an honor to meet Mike in person a few months ago at an event at The White House.  Need I say more?

  Scott Rocco is…well… Scott Rocco! Scott was one of my instructors in the NJEXCEL certification program, and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t be who I am today without his help, guidance, and feedback. Scott walks the walk and talks the talk. Scott also loves 3D printers, so be sure to ask about them when you see him. Oh yea, he’s one of the founders of #satchat – you know – that weekly chat where hundreds of educators assemble to talk education. Need I say more?

 Patrick Larkin is another Dynamo. When I first caught on to the Twitterverse and how much one can get on here, Patrick was one of the first people I followed. Patrick and I met at NASSP in Tampa back in 2012 and had a great chat at the ‘tweet up’ (prior to Twitter being cool). He’s defined and demonstrated how to be a leader time and time again. Need I say more?

So, back to the post title, anyone but me. I am no where near the other four nominees. While I am honored that I’m in this group, anyone in this group but me. I’m a speck of sand on the beach of life here. I am, however, looking forward to a night of merrymaking with the four above and everyone in attendance in DC. 

That, and I hope to get a front row seat so I can make faces at Sanfelippo & Sinanis for the evening.

Onward to DC!

One thought on “Anyone But Me

  1. Jay, You are the best EVER! You so deserve to be on this list and then some. You are so kid centered and want what is best. You are a rock star to so many of us. Remember that my friend. You are awesome. Love you and keep your compass! Vicki

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