The past couple months have been times change.  Not with all of the education stuff, but with me.  In the interest of my two little ladies, I wish to be closer to home.  Currently, I drive 67 miles each way to work.  Starting next month, I will be driving 12.

This may seem selfish to some, but my family was, is, and always will come first to me.  Some don’t care for that, and, to shoot straight, I’m not interested in working for you if you feel that way.

That all being said, I am excited to announce the next chapter of my life by becoming the next Superintendent of Schools of the Waterford Township School District.

Image Credit: Darin Amme / @DarinAmme
Image Credit: Darin Amme / @DarinAmme
Departing LAC (AKA “the Crick”) is not an easy move.  I have watched staff and students move educational mountains in two years.  They are now the beacon of example for Salem County, New Jersey.  As a “BC district” (A being dirt poor, K being hideously loaded), we did things that  the JK districts can’t even wrap their heads around yet. It’s nice to be riding the wave of the future instead of trying to swim towards it.

My departure letter to the stakeholders can be found here.  It was really, really hard to write.

Waterford Township is located in Camden county, New Jersey.  They have outstanding schools, enjoy quiet country living, but also have the modern amenities that many are used to,  Waterford Township one of the oldest in New Jersey; settlements trace back to 1694. From my interactions so far, they are a community of friendly outgoing people who enjoy the  small town setting and clearly care about building a future which promotes all they have to offer.

I am looking forward to starting this next chapter.  We will grow, we will learn, and we will move… wait for it…


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