#ISTE2015 — my brain STILL hurts, but in a good way.

my bade got its’ fair share of wear and tear!


This is so hard. I have been trying for days on how to lay out my takeaways from ISTE this year.  In two words:  AMAZING & OVERLOAD.

Let’s start with the amazing:

I started on Sunday morning at 8:30 with TeachMeet ISTE. In the first presentation alone, Chris Alvies blew my mind.  I literally had 19 windows open, and I went into overload.  I had to get up and take a walk outside.  Not kidding.  His presentation was off the charts.  You can see his presentation by clicking here.

Finally meeting Jerry Blumengarten face to face!


I then got to catch up at lunch with several friends from Twitter; it’s so great to meet people from around the world that you’ve been chatting with face to face.  Yes, I’m a geek, but I don’t care 🙂  Twitter has made me an outstanding educator, and those I follow and follow me are to thank for it.  Anytime I can thank them, I can.

Everyone loves meeting BrainPop!

I next headed to the BrainPop seminar on becoming a certified BrainPop Educator.  Before you go and say it’s just a site with videos, a robot, and assessment, there’s been WAY more added.  Check it out yourself.  

OnCourse Systems rented out the entire Constitution Center for an eveing event. It was amazing!

After that – EdCamp Global.  A great meet-up with all sorts of great people doing great things.

Following that – the keynote with Soledad O’Brien. The biggest takeaway; Soledad said that education in our country is the next civil rights movement, and I couldn’t agree more.

John LaRose and I pledged together in a fraternity over 15 years ago. He lives in Hong Kong these days; only at ISTE can you get reconnected!

It was 8:00 PM, and while many were heading out to get their party on, I needed to go home and pass out (I live 14 miles away). I was exhausted.

The next three days were just as intense. I was trying to explain to some non-education friends that this is not just going out and partying — this is WORK!  The workshops, the convention floor (the convention floor took me TWO DAYS to cover!  TWO DAYS!!!), the conversations, the meetups, the collaboration, and yes, the intense learning.

Some of the takeaways that are worth sharing (in my opinion):

If and when I can recover, I’ll be happy to share more.  Until then, when in doubt, seek out Gandolf & Curious George.


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