Hipsters, look out: I’m coming for you.

Summer is approaching, and who does not like the sweet smell of the shore?  I miss it.  I spent my childhood summers in Lavallette, NJ and lived briefly ‘down the shore’ as us from NJ call it. I feel that I want to once again have an escape for myself and my two little ladies, so I’ve been condo shopping in the Red Bank / Asbury Park area.   While I love everything that I’ve been seeing, there’s one thing I don’t like… HIPSTERS!  C’mon, you know what I’m talking about…

image credit: http://www.someecards.com
  • The wear winter hats in 90 degree weather
  • Their addiction to Toms Shoes and skinny jeans 
  • They have super obnoxious earphones
  • They over accessorize their outfits
  • They only wear J-Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, and other exclusive labels
  • They all think they are restaurant reviewers and have the gall to send back meals to cleanse their pallets
  • They all have some tie-in to Brooklyn

Enough.  What do hipsters and my blog have in common? I have quite a few conferences over the next couple of weeks… and with conferences come vendors and presenters.  Some vendors and presenters think they are THE best thing since sliced bread and have the snake oil / magic beans to cure ALL of your problems.  Yep, according to some vendors & presenters, everything you do is wrong, and hipster’s new trendy way is THE way to go.

Here’s the biggest issue I have: after the latest edu-jargon and trendy way of doing things settles, it still comes down to two simple words: GOOD TEACHING. This is , was, and always will be a people business.  No methodology, hipster device, or any other thing / thought will change that.  Other essentials:







DIVERSE STAFF (academics, talents, age, sex, etc.)





So, Hipsters in the education field, be warned — I’m coming for you if you even try to get in my way or anyone else that knows that GOOD TEACHING is the answer.  And I’m going to expose you for who you really are if you push me or any of my colleagues. We have a job to do; quit getting in the way.


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