Teaching financial literacy to students? Sure makes ‘cents’!

This year, the New Jersey Department of Education released revised standards that make financial literacy a requirement for all public school students. While I am fortunate that we had many lessons in place before the mandate, we will never say no to a great opportunity to learn more and in an innovative way.

On April 24, 5th & 7th grade students from LAC school were featured on a nationally televised webinar on financial literacy. The webinar was hosted by Steve Stewart, a financial coach who consults in St. Louis, MO. It was a fantastic experience, full of great information about how to save, how to spend, and those evil credit cards!

Like many of these great opportunities to participate, I found this out through a friend on Twitter. The power of the PLN and being a connected educator never EVER ceases to amaze me.  Had I not been connected, I would have never been able to arrange something like this in such a short period of time, if at all.

Handouts from the presentation can be found by going to the lesson on his website.

For additional information on Steve Stewart, click here.

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