Can we get back to the #chat, please?

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We’ve all seen them (but yet we don’t admit to).  Those rediculous info-mercials that promise to make you lose every ounce of fat, clean every item you’ve ever had, and deliver millions of dollars to you by flipping real estate.  You may even even bought a few (I’m guilty – I can’t tell you how many exercise videos or nutrition plans I’ve purchased).  Recently, I’ve noticed a new trend on twitter amongst some PLN members – relelntless bombardment of self-promotion.

What happened to educators talking about education?

What happened to people joining and having a conversation?

What happened to the learning?

For a few months, I’ve been in a chat, and then get a tweet along the lines of “buy my book at ______” or others where every other tweet on their account is simply “please register for _____ and see me at ____”.  Really?!

I know some are young and hungry to take the next step, and some are happy to be published… but do you have to clog everyone’s feed with a tweet about a discount code off of a conference or a link to buy your book?

Stick to the basics.  We know you do this and that.  If we want more information, we’ll go to your website, or we’ll even DM you.

Sure, I can unfollow you, but I don’t want to do that.  At one point, you had TONS of GREAT stuff on your feed.  No, it’s just advertising. I’m hoping, and sticking around, to get back to the message.

OK, I feel better 🙂 Now you can see me present at… oh wait…


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