It’s #BammyAwards nominating season — BREAK THE SILENCE!

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What If Everyone Really Knew?

How would education change if everybody really knew what teachers, principals, all school staff and students are doing daily? Much of the great work being done in our schools every day by teachers, administrators, school staff, parents and students is unknown to the general public. The exceptional commitment, extraordinary contributions and innovative collaborations among educators around the nation are generally hidden and unrecognized. This largely persists because a culture of humility has created a climate of silence.

Today, changing conditions, a new culture of transparency and the need to share best practices and inspire others is breaking the historical silence among educators.

Your Stories Matter

  • “Because we believe that our story is worth telling, we are actively seeking out forums through which to tell it. And while the national media continues to blather on about the education crisis… we are changing the story, bit by bit. We are being the change we wish to see. You can, too.” – Shawna Coppola, Literacy specialist
  •  “But until we take control of the story, others will write it for us. Teachers need to be sharing the good news of education.” – Craig Williams, a 22-year teaching veteran
  • “We also need to add our voices to places that offer inspiring ideas and uplifting stories from those that best exemplify what it means to be a teacher.” – Brian Sztabni, High school teacher
  •  “A critical mass of media-savvy educators shouting their positive results from the proverbial rooftops can echo far and wide. So let’s elevate teacher voices!” – Flora Lerenman, Elementary school teacher

Movers and Shakers

This year a passionate network of educators and education organizations are working together to encourage educators in every sector of the community to share the stories of the great things happening in their schools.
Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | Example 4 | Example 5

We all know amazing teachers, principals, superintendents, school nurses, engaged parents, school librarians, school custodians and caring school staff. Taking a moment to nominate any educator is validating to the entire education community, creates enormous good will and helps tell the stories of the great things happening in our schools.  Use the button to make a nomination and grab the code below to place the “Break the Code” video on your web site. Your stories matter!

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