Going to EdCamp South Jersey

I’m going to EdCampSouthJersey… are you? You’re not? What’s your excuse?!? ONWARD!!!


Are you going to EdCamp South Jersey? If you live anywhere near here your answer should be yes!


Here are 5 great reasons to go to EdCamp South Jersey:

1. Learning- there will be many incredible educators sharing and collaborating. While you are there you can choose what you find interesting or create create your own session! Everyone will be there to learn and share with one another!

2. Collaboration- unlike most PD you attend, this isn’t a sit and listen atmosphere. EdCamp is a place to discuss, share, ask questions, and build connections with other great educators.

3. Free Stuff- Yes there are some great free prizes and giveaways. There is also free FOOD! Who doesn’t love free food! Breakfast and lunch will be provided!

4. Meet great people- EdCamp South Jersey is going to provide you with a chance to meet and collaborate with some of the…

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