“I have an idea” – My First Month as an Administrator

Nice job, Erin. Onward!!

Murphy's Musings

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My first month as an Assistant Principal went by in a whirlwind. So much so, that we are pushing month two as I wrap up this post. I have spent a great deal of my time visiting classrooms and finding the pulse of the building. I feel fortunate to work with passionate, dedicated educators. Our building thrives with a plethora of after-school activities and rich traditions. Our head principal (@principalmkelly) is dedicated to promoting student voice. During week one, he made my first mission to get our building makerspace up and running (I have been working closely with our librarian/media specialist, @mollymagro, to make this happen  – more on that later). Simply, I feel very lucky.

The number one thing I have learned: “I have an idea,” takes on a whole new meaning.

My previous teaching partner (@jenharding55) and I loved the phrase “I…

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