Shining Lights On Those Who Need To Be Seen

Holiday lights are somewhat of a spectacle this time of year.  We all know someone who’s “that guy” with “that crazy house of lights”.  I happen to live next to that guy with that house.  You would think it would be a nightmare, but it’s actually the opposite.

My neighbor Dave (whom I call fondly ‘neighbor Dave’) sets up over 65,000 every year.  This year, it’s over 67,000.  There are LED’s & regular lights.  There is music.  There is a Santa in the window.  There is even hot cocoa and candy canes on Fridays and Saturdays.

Setup this year was a rough one for Dave.  Dave lost his wife very suddenly to breast cancer over the summer.  One of the nicest neighbors I ever met, it was a tough loss for our neighborhood.  Dave seriously considered not doing anything at all this year.  Halloween changed all of it after some young trick-or-treaters asked if this indeed was the house that Santa lived in.

Dave amassed an army of 20+ relatives and friends to to place together the decorations.  They debuted last evening.  The coolest part: Dave added a new song and new lighting choreography to go with it.  The song, “Everything Is Going To Be Alight”, was matched pink pink and blue ribbons on Dave’s big LED tree, along with the message “Dedicated to my wife Denise.”  I was choked up for the rest of the evening.

Dave reminded me that there are scads of good people in this world, and that no matter how hard it may be go move forward (especially during the holidays), it’s best for you to do so.  So many other people depend on you — most that you don’t know.

In our schools this holiday season, there are many that are having a hard time, but are showing a smiling face and keep marching on; this includes students, staff, and superintendents. All educators need to show empathy at this time of year; keep your doors open, keep your conversations soft, and keep your eyes open for any and all in need.

We are a school; like the lights at Dave’s house, we shine bright and are suppose to bring smiles to all faces of all ages.  Please do your part in this holiday season do what you can to ensure all can partake in a happy time while they are here at school.

On a side note – Neighbor Dave – Denise is watching your magic light up faces of all ages every single night.  Perhaps her and Jessica are sharing a nice cold lemonade, making fun of both of us 🙂


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