Yea, I’m watching what you do online.

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Remember that song by Rockwell in the 80’s called “Somebody’s Watching Me”? Well, in the age of the online analytics, they are. A lot. A whole lot. And yes, I am one of them.

Before you get totally creeped out, think about it. Go to google, yahoo, or bing, and look at your ads that pop up. Go to Amazon, Target, or any other store you shop at online. Look at the ads on Facebook. Notice a pattern? Every page is laced with ads relating to products or services you either like, bought, or researched. Why? Analytics.

Never have analytics been more important to a school. How? As a Superintendent, I am constantly publishing important information to our website. Today’s learner and parent circulate around online usage and obtaining the message in multiple ways. How many times have you pushed out a message and didn’t know if it was received?…

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5 things to do at #EdCampNJ on Saturday

This Saturday marks the third EdCampNJ at Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick, NJ. Almost 700 educators from around New Jersey and surrounding states will convene on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Think about that. Giving up a Saturday during the holidays to go… Learn!!! If this your first EdCamp — here are five things to go check out while you’re here:

1. Get some free breakfast and partake in a live #satchat . The three founders of #satchat (Scott Rocco – @scottrrocco Billy Krakower  – @wkrakower & Brad Currie – @bradmcurrie) are in the flesh (and naturally are jersey boys) and will host an interactive dialogue while tweeting. Many “tweeps” will be in attendance as well. It’s always nice to put the names to the faces as well.


2. Show what you know and offer a session on the board. There are scads of opportunities to be had, ranging from the simplistic to really deep conversations. If you have that passion about something and don’t see it up on the board, go for it! You deserve to shine.


3. Check out the makerspace table. Meredith Martin (@geekyteach) will be showing all how taking simplistic parts and turning it into an arena of learning. It’s fun, it’s super cheap to pull off in any space, and you learn all about how tinkering invigorates the mind.

4. Eat some free pizza with new people and strike up a conversation. With so many people bringing something awesome to the table, why not gain new insight and make new friends at the same time?

image credit: Tyler Varsell
image credit: Tyler Varsell

5. Stick it out to the end and leave with an arsenal of resources. In addition to learning a hideous amount at the smack down, you can win a bunch of cool stuff. AND – you can get some high-fives from folks in black polo shirts!

Whatever you end up doing, make it a great day. Grow, learn, and move onward in your educational lives.


FREE = ME (for schools)

The GSA Resource Cetner

Free is the favorite F word in education. For real!

The Government Services Administration sent an email out about a month ago stating one of their distribution centers would be closing at the end of the year. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the GSA, they are / were the staples / office max / amazon for the government. From toilet paper to pens, if you needed, you contacted the GSA, and they shipped the supplies out from either the NJ location or the CA location. The NJ distribution center housed approximately 88 million dollars worth of merchandise for our federal government offices and military branches, ranging from dog food for canine MPs to toothpicks.

The GSA notified all federal branches of the liquidation, and they had first dibs on the surplus. Afterwards, under the Constitution, public schools are entitled to any excess. You would think there would be nothing left, but the amount left was staggering.

For my District, I acquired seven pallets of items, with a retail value around $11,000.00 Everything from toner cartridges for library printers to pillows & sheets for the Nurse’s office. Chairs, office supplies, new flags, janitorial supplies… you name it, we acquired it. It was like the Mall at 4AM on Black Friday, only with men running around in silence tagging items.

We are truly appreciative to be given this opportunity. I would hope all leaders keeps their ears to the ground then such great opportunities happen. Spread the word too – telling others about opportunities such as this will give you brownie points for life.