Positive Branding = Positive School {insert #GO(your school) here}


If you’re on Twitter, you see it EVERYWHERE.


Me after taking the ALS ice bucket challenge… and using one of Joe’s (@joesanfelippoFC)  towels to tidy up!



Courtesy of Tony Sinanis (@TonySinanis)




More than ever, branding your school and linking it to something positive is paramount for your school’s image.  Social media has been the lightening bolt that makes a school go from a 1 to 10 (or sometimes sadly a 10 to 1) in a matter of hours.  Administrators love controlling the message, and why not be one step ahead and create the positive school climate online and not be playing defense when something bad comes up?

While I typically turn to Twitter & Instagram and tweet cool stuff whenever I can (always with some kind of image), I also take the time to create an iMovie trailer every couple of weeks.  Simple to use and professional results… it’s the best $6.00 you can spend in the App Store.

If you haven’t yet, School Leaders and Teachers need to start using social media and web tools in ways that positively promote your school climate and image. It’s essential today that you learn and collaborate with one another in new ways. Areas that are considered crucial to thrive in today’s school image / social media society include:

  • Creating a brand name, symbol or design to positively correlates to your school(s)
  • Sharing great events using iMovie, blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SMORE, Google +, and other sites
  • Empowering all stakeholders, including students (#STUVOICE)
  • Teaching digital citizenship to all grade levels

Branding online also requires the buy in of the potential of technology to fuel lifelong learning.

Wait, now school leaders have to be marketers and positive storytellers too?


… and yes, there are books for that too.

You can find Brad Currie’s book (one of the founders of #satchat) here and you can fin Joe’s / Tony’s book here.

As Brad (@bradmcurrie) says, “Tell your story, or someone else will.”  I have a feeling that you want to be your school’s storyteller, and not someone else.  Take the time and invest in these books.  They will help your building(s) move onward.

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