Let’s eat Grandpa!

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Like to gamble?  I have a safe bet for you.  Chances are if you’re reading this on Labor Day you’re NOT a New Jersey educator… or you’re and educator from NJ who can’t fall asleep.


Labor Day is far from a day of relaxation for most. It’s a day filled with anxiety, last minute errands, and what-if’s — ranging from what to wear to see everyone again to what will the suits drone about this year.  From experience as a teacher Assistant Principal, Supervisor, and now Superintendent, we ALL think the same things.

We all also try to set goals for the upcoming school year.  One goal I am going to really try working on – my proofreading.I have always made the argument that I can’t proofread my own work because I wrote it.  And the mistakes piled up as a teacher.  To the point where one f my coworkers said “Jay, you really need to proofread your stuff.” Fast forward to today… she still proofreads my stuff.

When I became an Assistant Principal, I told myself that my secretary would do my proofreading.  Two weeks later, I got an email from my boss basically saying “Jay: proofread your emails… OR… people will start talking about you.”

I had typos on forms, emails, and even parent letters as a Supervisor.  I was ashamed.

As if all of those things should have warranted a wake-up call; it didn’t.  What did?  My posting as the Superintendent in a school yearbook.  I found over five errors. While I insisted that I submitted a revised draft, it still was printed. Not cool.

So, yes, this year, my back to school goal is to proofread much more.  I really don’t want to eat Grandpa, but I could go for some synonym rolls…

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