How hungry are you for a job?

Last night, the Board of Education hired an ELA teacher to focus on writing for my middle school program.  After the meeting, I called her, formally offering her the job. Hearing tears in her voice, she was beyond excited; while we were chatting about being hired, she spoke about how each step in my interviewing was more serious and intense.  She spoke about being more invested in each round, and how more effort and energy was brought forth in each phase.  It had me thinking on my ride home… was my process that difficult? Was it that  stressful? After each thought… it came down to one simple thought – just how hungry are people to get a job that you want?

My hiring process is five steps: 

  • You apply
  • A series of essay questions via google form
  • An interview
  • A Demo Lesson
  • A meet-n-greet with the BOE Personnel Committee, with the BOE voting on a candidate at the regular meeting

Sure, I could jut meet you and I can hire you.  But why do that?  At this time of year, I have a fresh amount of college graduates along with other teachers looking to switch districts. I’ll get scads upon scads of applications, many of which are generic and have no investment in the District (those immediately head to the circular file).  

After you apply (electronic only), I collect all email addresses and send out a google form with a series of questions pertaining to the subject they want to teach.  If you’re hungry, you’ll answer the questions.  If you’re not that hungry, you’ll pass.  This is one of my favorite parts of the application process; it naturally weeds out applications because folks simply don’t want to put in the time.

Based on your responses, I call in about a half dozen for interviews with a committee.  The committee is composed of Administrators and Teachers.  I listen mostly to the teacher feedback and look for the dynamics of the interview.  My job is to be there for resources and help when needed, and other than that, I’m out of the way.  

Based on the committee responses, I recommend two or three for the finalist panel on the Board of Education personnel committee.  The committee also asks questions and wants to get to know who they may potentially hire.  We conference together and select a candidate.

Lastly, The candidate gets approved at the Board Meeting.

It’s certainly an investment for the candidate, but again I ask, how hungry are you?



One thought on “How hungry are you for a job?

  1. I spent some time this weekend perusing the school website, looking at teacher blogs and websites, and getting to know my new district (at least electronically). I am SO beyond excited to now be a part of this community! I’ve been on numerous interviews, and they’re usually all the same…MAYBE 2 rounds, most “don’t have time” for demos, and then you are either hired or not. How does a school truly know whether or not you’re a good fit? This process was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I loved meeting my future 7th graders as a guest teacher, and I felt immediately comfortable with you and with them. The further along the process goes, the more nervewracking it gets, especially when you WANT it so badly! In the end, I got an offer…NOT from a “strange” school I’d “like” to work at, but from a community that I now know a little and already feel invested in. To know I will have amazing students, a supportive administrator, community support, and free reign to be creative makes me so happy. I am grateful to be the newest part of the LAC family and to take my new students “ONWARD”.


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