As Long As I Got My Suit & Tie

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I’ll get right to the point – I’ve always been a fashion bug when it came to dressing up.

I’m a fan of the suit.  And not just any old suit from a chain store.  I like a good wool suit.  I’ve even had a few custom made.  I like my shirts custom made, with monogramming and cufflinks.  I feel undressed without a pocket-square. I have 174 pairs of cufflinks.  I can’t even begin to count the number of ties of have. Socks?  All color and funky. And yes, I have eight pairs of glasses, in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Shoes? Yea, I got them too.

Given my role as a Superintendent now, I’ve toned down my couture. Back when I was teaching… I don’t think I knew was ‘reserved’ meant.  Purple corduroys, yellow sport jackets, and all sorts of crazy stuff.  Why?  I taught 8th graders – and they needed stimulation.  On days where I knew the topic was rather dull, I wore even louder attire.  I needed to keep them engaged.

So, once again, the essential question:  where am I going with this?

Through observations, walking through buildings, and seeing many in the office, it appears that teachers have been dressing down… and Im not talking about casual Fridays.

By no means I am advocating you drop a whole paycheck on attire.  I am, however advocating that you help fulfill your role model duties and dress to the job. Gentlemen:  Match a good shirt and tie. Try out a pair of cufflinks.  Be daring and buy (and wear) a funky pair of socks.  Go bold.  People will notice… in a good way.  And the last time I checked, good attention never hurt anyone.

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