Learning Smartly

Twitter never ceases to amaze me. The people you can meet, the span you reach, and the things we find on here.

Besides meeting the most amazing, informative PLN ever, I come across great pictures, graphics, and charts pertaining to, yes, education.  I recently tweeted out this picture I found online, and within 24 hours, this is the distribution it reached:


I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes I could spend hours putting together one of these blog posts and I get a modicum of hits.  I send out a neat pic, and it spreads like wildfire.

My other half recently sent me another graphic… and now it all makes sense:


So, when I tweeted something about NCLB to Diane Ravitch (@DianeRavitch) – I got this:


… and when I reached out to our new US Senator, Cory Booker (@CoryBooker), I got this:


If by chance you are reading my blog and you are not getting my updates through Twitter, I would suggest you give it a shot.  You too can learn smartly!

Breaking Resolutions & Moving Mountains

I just read that 71% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first two weeks (http://www.statisticbrain.com/new-years-resolution-statistics/).  Does that mean you have to as well?  NO!!  ::cue informercial music::

So what is it’s mid January and you broke your resolution to not eat another carb, read more, and to make improvements in your job. Don’t be in that 71%. You’re in educatoion, you’re not allowed to. Well, of course you’re allowed to, but remember, your job has significant impact on our future.

Your job requires you on a daily basis to be all-in. Your job requires you to try to move mountains. You job requires you to be superman. Your job requires you to multitask on a level that rivals the floor on Wall Street. Wait a second… How are we rally suppose to do all of that AND do it right AND have a life outside of school?!?! Hence… Folks quitting all of these resolutions.

Back to your resolutions – don’t throw them all out yet. Give them another shot… Especially all of your work goals. Our future depends on it. Here’s the catch: don’t burn yourself out doing it! Sure, easier said then done. We all have life’s challenges outside of work, and we also have massive challenges within our schools. You can’t build Rome in a day, so please don’t try to. Divide and conquer, and when you do, you’ll be moving mountains in no time.