Crock-Pot-Learning in 2014


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I’m thinking my Grandparents would have been proud of this post.

So, if you couldn’t tell by my svelte figure, I’m a fan of cooking.  It certainly runs through my family. One of the first tools I learned to use in the kitchen was the crock-pot.  I remember being in 5th grade when I started asking all kinds of questions about it, but I remember one question in particular: “Why a crockpot, Grandma?” “Simple, Jason. The crock-pot is low-and-slow; the crock-pot turns a whole lot thrown together into something really, really good.  Watch and learn.”

And I did.  And it’s still some of the best cooking around.  And it can be applied to teaching and learning.

The crock-pot and schools have many in common.  A crock-pot has several ingredients; a school has several learners.  A crock-pot’s ingredients mixes together, just like a school does with its’ learners. A crock-pot works when ingredients take time to mesh over a prolonged period of time, just like how a school culture or new policies take hold in a school.

Food in a crockpot is to schools full of learners.  Both need time to marinate and soak in all of the juices.  When both are periodically stirred, they produced amazing results. ‘LOW-AND-SLOW’ WILL PRODUCE THE BEST FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS.

Don’t get me wrong – I typically have the mindset 24/7 of “I want it done now and that was suppose to be done yesterday”… BUT… some things in education need some time soak; some time to simmer; some time to cook in the crock-pot. ‘LOW-AND-SLOW’ WILL PRODUCE THE BEST RESULTS.

I am in a District where it has been off the radar for WAY too long.  The staff and students are suffering because of such.  I’m here to thaw them out of the 1980’s educational tundra and play catch up, and we have made improvements in leaps and bounds.  We do need more work… with curriculum and technology. These are the two areas that need the most help, and these are the areas where the crock-pot needs to be used. AGAIN, ‘LOW-AND-SLOW’ WILL PRODUCE THE BEST RESULTS.

So, how do I update a District that needed to have new curricula 15 years ago and new technology integration yesterday?  That’s the answer I am seeking too.  Who has the magic bean?

I’ve started making resolutions for 2014 (why not; if stores can put out Christmas stuff in September, I can make resolutions in November). My resolution is that I want to have all of my staff learn Crock-Pot-Learning.    It’s something I think all can savor and all can reap the benefits of.

As fast and as North Jersey paced as I am, I need to allow those that are still behind the wave to catch up.  The crock-pot will allow such.

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