I got 99 problems, but learning ain’t 1

Credit: Mr. Carter, of course ūüôā

Being the smart, educated man Jay-Z is, I don’t think he’ll mind me utilizing an instrumental version of one of my favorite songs from his repertoire, ’99 Problems’. ¬†If you do, hit me up.

I was reflecting this week on how fortunate I am to see such great progress in a school district that was basically technology-less curriculum-less, and sort of stopped in time for a bit.  Sure, that could be argued as nostalgic, old-school charm.  But in an age where how we learn, when we learn, and what we learn, things need to change.

Teachers hate change.  Administrators hate change. Board of Education Members hate change. And yes, the pubic often hates change.

But who loves change?


And why are we all here?


I’ve had an incredible experience so far with my transition to my Superintendency. ¬†I’ve inherited a lot. ¬†Yes, I knew that coming in. ¬†Any person as the outsider has that additional hoop of transition to knowing the culture and politics of that new school.

At point, one person said to be, “Jay, you got 99 problems! ¬†Start singing that beer song, cuz you’ll need it.” ¬†I laughed; ¬†I looked at everything on my pile, and thought about the big picture – what if there is no learning is taking place either?

September came, and I knew on the very first day of school, my concern was put to rest. ¬†Learning was happening everywhere, all day. ¬†I couldn’t have smiled any bigger. ¬†All of the ‘other problems’ went by the wayside.

Sure a Superintendent embraces all kinds of problems, on all different levels, ranging from teeny to tremendous. ¬†But at the end of the day, I don’t count my problems. ¬†I don’t look back at everything I didn’t achieve in one day. ¬†I reflect on what I did for our students. I reflect on how I helped my Staff. ¬†And I ALWAYS blast my music riding home, often the song above, thinking how I may have 99 problems, but everyone learning a new thing or two a day isn’t one of them.


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