Our Leadership Monsters

Brilliant. What monsters would you add?


The hands of change always seem to be upon us, at our back…pushing us and time forward.  Relentless and without reprieve.  Constant…

Even now, we can feel the change of seasons slowly overtaking us…the slight tinge of a chill in the evening breeze, what was once green begins to yellow and brown, leaves scatter our yards and streets, even darkness has begun its gradual descent upon the daylight.

We can barely keep ourselves from stepping into October as Fall’s withered and worn hand ushers us into a new season…

A season when children struggle to contain their excitement over the coming of Halloween…a time filled with costumes, candy, pumpkins, trick-or-treating and even scary monsters.

As leaders, (especially with a new school year just getting underway and Connected Educators Month), it is a season for us to consider the long shadow that we cast upon our organizations and those…

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