Yea, I’m watching what you do online.

Remember that song by Rockwell in the 80’s called “Somebody’s Watching Me”? Well, in the age of the online analytics, they are. A lot. A whole lot. And yes, I am one of them.

Before you get totally creeped out, think about it. Go to google, yahoo, or bing, and look at your ads that pop up. Go to Amazon, Target, or any other store you shop at online. Look at the ads on Facebook. Notice a pattern? Every page is laced with ads relating to products or services you either like, bought, or researched. Why? Analytics.

Never have analytics been more important to a school. How? As a Superintendent, I am constantly publishing important information to our website. Today’s learner and parent circulate around online usage and obtaining the message in multiple ways. How many times have you pushed out a message and didn’t know if it was received? Analytics allows me not only to see if my message if getting read, it’s showing me who, what, where, and when too.

Yes, the good ol’ paper flyer can still get the job done, but 21st century learners and community members want information fast and simplistic. From tweets to Facebook posts to Smore flyers, there’s no excuse for getting your message out in a simplistic and timely way. If something is not working or if a message is not being read, I’ll be able to see it, correct it, and try something else.

It’s amazing what you can see online now. On our new district’s website,, I can see what pages are getting clicked, the number of hits, the geographic location (from continent, down to town), the server its coming in on, keyword searches, and even search engines. I can also get the same analytics on my Facebook page and my online newsletters I send out via I can even now see how long you spend on a page and if you read an entire newsletter.

Why am I even posting something like this? Simple; I want you to know that I am watching. As a leader of a school district who has the responsibility of getting the message out in a variety of ways, I want to know what works and what doesn’t. I’m doing the best I can to get what you need, and will always try to do so. From my local families, to my military Moms & Dads serving overseas, I know I am getting my message out, and that you’re reading it. I’m proud of where I work, and I want everyone to get that message.

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