What a difference a summer makes

ImageThe weekend before school starts is always a sleepless one for educators.  Countless questions run through your head, ranging from ‘did I make enough copies?’ to ‘what will my students be like?’ As a Superintendent, you think of the same questions… but you also reflect on your summer accomplishments.  I could not be more proud of our upgrades.  Below is a sampling of our upgrading:

The Library Before:

Library - from back looking toward front of school


Library - looking toward hallway

The Library now:


Amongst other things… new carpeting, new paint, a new roof, half of the shelving removed (with archaic materials being removed as well), new furniture, and the entire room is wireless.  Kudos to the Librarian, Ms. Laws, for assisting in this massive project.  It would not have been achieved without her.

Our Main Entrance before:



Our Main Entrance now:



Our new entrance features new lighting, new flooring, new paint, and most importantly, four new security doors that are keyless entry operated.  I’m very excited about this new look; the entrance before was prison gray, dark, ugly, and had a bulletin board laced with ‘you will comply’ laws and notices.  I’m excited to hang some display cases showing our student achievements.

A typical classroom before (with no internet connections):

Corner by exterior door looking toward library

One of our newly ‘refreshed’ classrooms:


Who knew the power of new paint, carpet, and wireless internet would bring so many smiles?

Lastly, I’m proud of new additions, including a conference room, a wellness suite (instead of a nurse crammed into a closet), and a Staff that is excited and smiling again.

Image 2 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6


Looking at the last picture… what stuck with me today?  That I am thankful for a Staff that partook in over $900,000 in renovations this summer.  We are learning.  We are growing.  We are moving onward.  We are ready to rock out for the 2013-14 school year.



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