Can you imagine….

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” – Sun Tzu

I tell ya, that Sun Tzu dude knew a thing or two.

I remember reading “The Art of War” in undergrad and grad school, and I just kept asking myself what this book has to do with education. Now that I’ve done the dance for 12 years ranging from a teacher to a Superintendent, I can see there is a lot.

We as educators should all be circumventing around this quote. Imagine a classroom with no limits and no bounds. What would it look like? In what direction would you want to go? What would the end goals be (yes, I’m still a UbD guy)?

It’s worth a thought of two as we prepare for a new school year. As a Superintendent, I’ve knocked down more walls, cut more red tape, and made life simpler in 30 days on the job than I have in three years combined as a VP & K-12 Supervisor. Granted, I’m in a much smaller setting, but perhaps it’s because I’m more focused than ever.

The quote above reminded me that I never lost the education bug. In fact, I’m more focused than ever. The possibilities of what I can do.

Get ready kids… the ride has only started.

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