Yes, Mom, I’m going to be a Superintendent.

I still don’t believe it, but the signed contract in front of me reminds me that it happened.

I, at age 34, have been unanimously appointed to be the next Chief School Administrator (CSA) of the Lower Alloways Creek School District.

I tried to keep this quiet, but the same time I had to tell family and scads of references. I had to take the plunge and call my Mom. All sons dread calling Mom, but this call was especially dreadful. No fooling her – she was a secretary in the special education department for around 25 years.

The gist of the call: “Hi Mom. What’s wrong? Nothing, I’m just calling to let you know that I was officially hired with a unanimous vote for a Superintendentcy.”

Then there was silence. Panicked silence.

“You did WHAT?!?”

That’s when it really hit me. Nothing like a good ol’ dose of fear from Mom.

What did I just get myself into? How did this even happen?

Before obtaining my current position as a K-12 Social Studies Supervisor in the Hopewell Valley Regional School District , I saw an advertisement for a Superintendency and figured, hey why not. After receiving a call for an interview, it started to sink in. I realized that after reviewing all of the goals, objectives, and demands that were being set forth, I could do this.

Fast forwarding to as a write this – a thousand thoughts are flying through my head. I’m jotting question after question down that I have to pose to the BOE, BA, and outgoing CSA. Naturally, the ‘what-if’s’ are flying through my mind at a mile a minute. What if I don’t understand the culture? What if I don’t embrace and utilize the proper nomenclature? What if everything I present makes no sense?

When the rush of thoughts come in, two things come to mind. One: I have a groundswelling of support from family, friends, and fellow administrators. Two: I have a PLN that is amazing. I’ve shared in the past that what was called a PLN was a joke. Now, thanks to Twitter, I have a PLN of hundreds of educators spanning across six continents. Whatever information I need, whenever I need it, I can get it through Twitter.

My transition will begin in a few weeks. I look forward to growing and learning in the process, and hope all of you will join me on the ride.



3 thoughts on “Yes, Mom, I’m going to be a Superintendent.

  1. Proud of you Jay, awesome opportunity! I saw the video, very well done. You are going to be amazing I have no doubts about that. If you ever need anything, just let me know, I will help any way I can!!!



  2. Congratulations. I have one piece of advice… “Do great things.” People like me rely on people like you to fix things. To provide the structure so we can save the world. That’s the mission, if you choose to accept.


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