An excerpt from our just-released book on Essential Questions

Grant Wiggins is the man. Seriously. Read this; I hope many of you have your A-HA! moment!

Granted, and...

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of the just-released book Essential Questions: Opening Doorways to Student Understanding, written by Jay McTighe and me, and published by ASCD.

Now that you have a better sense of the characteristics of Essential Questions and ways of designing them, we turn to the question of implementation. How, then, should Essential Questions be put into action to ensure meaningful student engagement, persistent inquiry, thoughtful deliberation and the necessary re-thinking to lead to understanding?

In this chapter, we explore practical tips and techniques for helping you get the most from your Essential Questions. And although in Chapter 6, we will engage in a detailed exploration of ways to establish a “culture of questioning” in your classroom, we need to comment on its importance here as key to successful implementation.

No initiative, practice or policy is guaranteed to succeed. As with any seed…

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