TeacherCast: An App worth loving on Valentines Day


OK, it’s hokey, and it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s Valentines Day… and if any of you reading have worked in a middle school, you know how much  a draining day this can be…and need an escape.  So, here I write 🙂

Like many of you, I’ve had the opportunity to download and utilize several different apps for the classroom.  While there are SO many to choose, I was really looking for an app that was specific for helping teachers navigate though these apps.  Teachers come to me daily asking about this app and that website.  In times that I have no clue, I (and I now send my teachers to) go to TeacherCast.

TeacherCast is a free app that is truly a one-stop-shop for educators and their needs.  The app works in conjunction with http://www.teachercast.net, which. if you haven’t seen, is on the borderline of educational ridiculousness.  The creator of the site, Jeff Bradbury, has just about everything you could want… and just when you think nothing more can be added… POOF! There is more.

There are podcasts, app reviews. app how to’s, screencasts & movies, a rolling blog, and countless other resources and social media links.  It could be initially overloading, so start with the podcasts – they are laced with information, pro/cons, and wit.

It is evident to me that Jeff is very passionate about helping teachers and those in education learn a thing or ten.  I hope you’ll explore the site or download the app and start and be engulfed in his passion…. after you celebrate Valentines Day with your special someone, of course.  No special someone?  Alas – here’s a special download!  Ok, that was  too much of a stretch.

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