Winter Break – a time to relax & reflect

2012.  What a year.

Wait, doesn’t everyone say that every year?  

I think us folks in the Garden State and elsewhere really do mean that this year. Especially these of us in education. While one can argue that every year is a non-stop roller coaster, this year was  different.

New names are etched in stone for many, and not in a nice way.  Sandy. Newtown. Now through in your own school incidents / woes / drama at your school and mix it all up.  There were some rough spots!

Low and behold though, we got through it. We reached a point where everyone can take a breather. A real breather.  I was talking to a friend (not in education) who tried making the argument that when we all were ‘off’ for Sandy it was also a time to recharge.  Really?! I’m thinking it was just the opposite for everyone reading this too. Teachers were thinking how to catch up, Administrators trying to think how to re-schedule and catch up… even the cafeteria workers where I was were trying to figure out where to start!

Enough negative — 2012 was the year of social media for me.  Sure, I had  the typical social media websites and other online fixes that everyone has, and I’ve championed the use of technology in the classroom, but I never really correlated my social media use to my educational growth.  Ironic, because I’ve been always pushing for use of it in every classroom I come across. For me, social media and education was a high point.  I discovered the value of twitter and education, learned that I really can reach thousands of people around the world via this blog, reconnected and made some incredible connections and friendships with amazing educators and administrators from all over NJ and the US, and  even lost 91 pounds this year. Kudos to one of my former coworkers for getting me back to the gym.  Your persistence for exercise and changing eating habits really did pay off.

Winter break is a time to charge up. Sure, party after party, appointments, errands, and all of the little things, but all done at hopefully your pace… and with some leisure mixed within it. As a write this, I can’t believe how quick this week just passed. A week full of fun (despite catching a 24 hour bug on Christmas Eve), relaxing, and even a little daydreaming of sticking my feet in the beautiful sands of my jersey shore.

2012 is about to fade out.  What a year, and yes I really do mean that. See y’all in 2013.  It’s going to be an exciting year 😉

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