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Bob Somerby, taught for many years in the Baltimore public schools. His blog The Daily Howler offers a fearless critique of media coverage of critical events.

His post on the latest international assessments (TIMSS) and the media’s decision tiresome putdown of American students is a classic.

He points out that on the math portions of the TIMSS tests, US students performed about the same as their peers in Finland. On the eighth grade TIMSS math tests, American students in several states outperformed Finland.

This should have been major news, in light of the constant ballyhoo about how poorly U.S. students have been doing for years on international tests. Decrying American student performance is the reformers’ trump card.

But instead of pointing to the real news, most papers told the same old story, which they might as well have written 20 years ago: “US Lags…”

At least a few thoughtful testing…

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