A great way to spread some holiday cheer. I’m assuming its not a public school though. Regardless, a great tradition with a great message.

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

This past Saturday morning, as has become the tradition, I decorated our school.  For the last eight years, along with our caretaker, her husband, my wife, and our two daughters we have gone way overboard in creating a Christmas wonderland in and around the gathering area.  Giving up a good part of the weekend is well worth it when you see the many smiling faces as students enter the school on Monday morning and continuously visit the area throughout the week.  This is our way of bringing a bit of Christmas joy to anyone who enters our building.  We’re not the only ones doing this sort of thing.  Schools everywhere spend this week in celebration – holding concerts, planning class parties, and exchanging gifts.  Then, on Friday everyone heads home for the two-week break where celebrations continue with their own families and friends, right?

Well, I’m not so sure about that.  As Christmas break draws near, along with all the fun, it is not…

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