My Prezi on Google Jockeying

My Prezi on Google Jockeying

A Google Jockey is a participant in a presentation or class session who surfs the Internet for terms, ideas, or Web sites mentioned by the presenter or related to the topic at hand. A screen displays the jockey’s searches for all participants to see. Typically the instructor
or presenter will use at least one projection screen to show slides or other content to a class. Google jockeying adds one or more screens to the session, allowing students to see related resources and additional information that clarify the main topic. Although the
term takes its name from the Google search engine, any search engine will do, and the practice also includes navigating directly to known Web sites that might (or might not) be directly mentioned in the lecture, without passing through a search engine. A Google
jockey might look for definitions of specific terms, images or multimedia files that demonstrate concepts, or other online resources that illuminate a topic.  See for more information.

Learn the basics of setting it up in your classroom by viewing the link to my Prezi.

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