EdCampNJ: It’s GO time.

EdCampNJ is commencing this Saturday at the Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick, NJ. My excitement level is Christmas-morning-ish, and I know I’m not the only one. Why am I so excited? That’s easy – Edcamp is free, democratic, participant-driven professional development for educators.

EdCamp is based off of the ‘un-conference format’. While the conference has organizers, the organizers are just that; they handle the logisitics. The attendees create the workshop sessions, create a schedule for such sessions, and attend what they want to. Its encouraged that if you show up at one workshop and realize that you’re no longer interested, you get up and go somewhere else. So awesome.

WARNING: If you’re coming to grandstand, brag about how much your District is awesome/sucks, or and have an ego that needs to be fulfilled with people praising your work, this isn’t going to be your up of tea.

Find out more and register for free at the EdCampNJ website: http://edcampnj.org/

If you can’t make it, check the website or my Twitter feed; we’ll be streaming live and tweeting around the event all day.

Hope to see you Saturday.

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