Normalcy is paramount for a steadfast return

For those in the Northeast, we are just beginning to return to some stages of normalcy. Power is being restored, cable/Internet is making its way back, and commerce is beginning to open its’ doors. Surely we will be taking significant detours and planning some driving habits over the next few weeks, but towns will try to return to some kind of normalcy.

That being said, it’s crucial that your school try to establish your daily routine as quickly as possible. Having special schedules or anything that is different “just because” is not needed. Normalcy is needed for students and for staff. Everyone in the school has gone trough the natural disaster together, and having a normal routine will help all.

Naturally, you’ll have some students and staff that will be still effected by the storm. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your counselors and offer some resources to aid in assisting those in need (links will be below). Also, local hospital or clinics tend to offer grief or trauma counseling services free of charge after natural disasters. If your school needs it, make a phone call and see if they will.

Some post-crisis links:

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2 thoughts on “Normalcy is paramount for a steadfast return

  1. In 2005 and in 2009, we experienced similar natural catastrophes in Southeast Texas. Hurricanes Rita and Ike respectively, dealt a very heavy blow to our community even though we are more than 100 miles from the Gulf Coast. The recovery efforts took months, but eventually we were back to normal.

    We learned how important “normalcy” in a school system is to the recovery of a community. Our schools served as shelters for the residents, temporary quarters for utility workers in the area, a headquarters for recovery efforts, and most importantly, a place for our students to receive meals, a hot shower, and a place to be in the air conditioning and out of the Southeast Texas heat and humidity.

    I applaud you and your school for working so hard to provide “normalcy” for your school and community in such a difficult time. You are making huge strides in helping life return to normal even when nothing else is. Thanks for documenting this process and sharing these thoughts with educational leaders across the country!


  2. Good day, from the Cape May area. I will be working with primary students upon their first return to schools in the coming week. I could not agree more with your words. Thank you for a most thoughtful and genuinely heartfelt post. God Bless!


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