Shift That Monkey!!


Oh boy – where do I begin?  How about with something safe… like everyone knows someone who can be tough to work with from time to time, or all of the time.  It could be a negative teacher, lazy custodian, or even a know-it-all-secretary.  I can think of at least one for each category, but that’s irrelevant   What is relevant: people who are negative can have a severe impact on the workplace.  

There are scads and scads of websites, books, and media that tries to address the issue.  Before you divulge in all of that, I recommend you first read Shifting the Monkey by Todd Whitaker. Whitaker has written several books in the education field, but this is more tailored to difficult people in the workplace.  In his book, Whitaker identifies the various kinds of  ‘monkeys’ in a workplace and offers numerous solutions on how to address them. 

I don’t want to break copyright  – so get the book, or head over to the library and check it out.

If you read or heard Whitaker before – – this is different.  I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw him many years ago as a teacher I wasn’t buying a word he said.  As an Administrator, I had the chance to attend his workshops at the NASSP conference in Tampa.  What a game-changer.  Honestly, because I now have a new role my thinking has changed quite a bit.  I was in a “us vs. them’ mentality as a teacher much of the time – now I’m in a collaborative mindset and all of this makes a whole lot of sense. 

You can buy the book here:

You can follow Todd Whitaker on Twitter: @ToddWhitaker

and yes… he will tweet you back!

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