Why current and aspiring Administrators need #SATCHAT


Each and every Saturday morning, a unique, energenic, and productive forum trends on Twitter under the hashtag (“#) #satchat.  SatChat is a grouping of educational leaders ranging from NJ to Australia that tweet about educational leadership topics.  Geared for the US, the east coast version starts at 7:30 AM and another session starts at 7:30 PST (I’ll admit – I normally hop on the west coast chat since I enjoy my beauty sleep).  SatChat is the brainchild of Scott Rocco (@ScottRRocco) & Brad Currie (@bcurrie5) – two administrators in New Jersey.

SatChat is like going to a conference or workshop every Saturday.  I get to meet people from all over the world, exchange ideas, get links, bounce thoughts around, and gather a wealth of resources that I can use as an Administrator.  The responses, links, and thoughts fly quick – but that’s OK – the beauty of Twitter is that you can go at your own pace.  Every SatChat that I partake in, I leave with a new fresh breath in me, wanting to go to school and make a change for the better.


For those that are weary of jumping into social media and education together, I encourage you to go on twitter, create an account, and just look up #satchat. I’ll be willing to be your ideas on social media and schools may change a bit.  


While you’re at it, follow Scott Rocco, Brad Currie, and PrincipalEit 😉

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