What can one do for the NJASK?

Below are some simple test-taking-tips that your children can utilize during the NJASK:

1. Follow test directions exactly.

2. Read the WHOLE question before looking at the answer choices.

3. Answer the easy question first; don’t spend too much time on any one question.
When skipping a question, remember to SKIP THAT NUMBER on the answer sheet.

4. Anticipate the answer when you read the question.

5. Read all the answer choices.

6. If your answer is one of the choices, bubble it in and move on.

7. If your answer is not one of the choices, cross out the answers you know are wrong; this will
narrow your choices and make it more likely that you will pick the right one.

8. For reading comprehension sections: scan the questions before you read the passage.

9. On standardized test, the number of correct answers, not the number of wrong ones, usually
determines the score. Ask if guessing will count against you, then use the narrowing down methods
noted above and don’t leave any questions blank.

10. Be sure to bubble in answers properly. Multiple-choice tests are often graded by computer;
stray marks on the answer sheet will count against you. Bubble in your choice completely while
staying within the oval.

So…. What Can Parents Can Do At Home?

• Acknowledge test-taking anxiety as normal, but stay positive.

• Encourage your child to think positive thoughts like “I can do this!”

• Give compliments for effort: “I’m proud of how hard you have studied.”

• Go over the test-taking tips with your child.

• Adequate rest makes a difference! Make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time; being
active earlier in the day (not right before bed) can help kids get to sleep.

• Nutrition also influences how well children do on test; a good breakfast is important, but a
large meal right before the test can be distracting.

• Your child should wear comfortable clothing for long test-taking periods.

• Help your child learn how to relax. Some find it helps to take a few deep breaths before
starting the test; others like to imagine a peaceful place like the beach or park.

Hang In there.  It will be over before you know it!

…and here comes the NJASK

The 2012 NJASK test will take place from April 24 – 27 for grades 7 and 8, and April 30 – May 3 for Grade 6.  More infomration about the test can obtained via the the NJASK parent / student  booklet by clicking here.